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Verse 1.

I remember when I was 16 and I grew my second head. And Now I got 7 and they follow me with every step. Arguing with dead intent, and borrowing my every breath, attacking my imagination filling me with thoughts,till I wana hollow out my weary head.
That's why I walk around lookin like I barely slept. And I don't think there's nothing that I would consider scary left.

And That's why I'm ruthless with it, and your just a stupid sinic. Talkin shit on YouTube does not make u a music critic.

Your just a fuckin troll, face to face, I'd probly stab u and fuck the hole. That's how I fuckin roll. I hate people but I love control. I wana split open my chest and rip out my own
By now the village idiot can tell that Ive missed you, makin pheromones jump at the smell of your tissue. Which forces me to endure and enjoy the hell that you issue.


I'm having night terrors, but I invite terror.
A subconscious attack from all my life's errors.

You probly hate me, I probly love you. And I've been dreaming of all the ways I can fuck you.

I'm having night terrors, but I invite terror.
A subconscious attack by all my life's errors.

You probly love me, I probly hate you.
And I've been dreaming of all the ways I could break you!

Verse 2

Last night I had a nightmare but woke up with a smile, and I'm starting to believe I've been disrupt since a child, it's like I'm stuck in a trial.

Trapped in my own mind. And il never make it out, while I navigate so blind.

Just a helpless fuck, wana crack open my head and let the fire from my scalp erupt, press the red button shut it down and fuckin self distruct.

I'm followed by rain,
There's something wrong with my brains, it's all sorrow and pain. I'm destined to fight demons like Solomon Kane.

The most cunning of linguists, yes
I am something distinguished, I wana play with your blood and let it run through my fingers.

You crept up in my head and got me wishing for death, you know Your simply the best.

stir your koolaid and drink up.
You don't know what I'm on the brink of. Cuz I just wana bleed till I fill the fuckin sink up! So fuck you, and all the happy shit you think of!

Chorus 3x

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released February 25, 2016
Trash Gordon, Mike Chan, Ed Bernard, Bruce Mccarthy



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